TEXAS- XRF- Slurries

In mining and preparation plants the quality of mining products like ore and coal is of high interest.

Online monitoring of the quality is a must for cost efficient production.

The XRF analyser TEXAS 400 adapts the well known X ray fluorescence analysis used in chemical labs. This enables continuous monitoring of the physical composition of coal or ore in order to realize efficient feed back control.

The device can be used directly on conveyor belts without sampling. Different window materials are available to meet the chemical and physical conditions and to protect the sensor against damage.

No bypass is required.

• Elemental Analysis

• Compact, reliable XRF sensor

• No radioactive sources required

• Continuous data evaluation with software suite MONACO

• No sampling required

• No bypass required

• Particle size up to 50 mm

• Belt speed up to 3 m/s

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