NITA II Elemental Analyser

Scanmin Africa are specialist in elemental analyser and on line analysis,we provide online solutions for the mining industry

NITA II (Neutron Inelastic scatter and Thermal capture Analysis) deliver rapid and reliable measurements of the elemental composition of bulk material directly on-belt.

  • On belt bulk material analysis 
  • Direct measurement of element e.g C, H, O, Fe, K, Ca, S, Al, Cu, Ni, Mn etc
  • Ore grade determination 
  • Direct output to plant PLC Systems 
  • Remote monitoring capabilities


NITA II Elemental Analyser is built by ScanMin Africa in South Africa


Quality of the product either from the mine or process plant is of paramount importance to every processing plant. The need for on line analysis, real time and reliable information is becoming essential for all processing plants. ScanMin Africa’s on-line NITA II elemental analyser provides real time, reliable and accurate information On-Line. The NITA II on-line elemental analyser is capable of measuring more elements (incl. oxygen and carbon) directly unlike other technologies. This enables accurate, direct determination of coal parameters, rather than relying on correlations as in other technologies. Results are produced on an as received air dry basis
These results include:

  • Elemental Analysis
  • Proximate & Ultimate analysis
  • Total Moisture
  • Calorific Value
  • Sulphur and any other required parameters


Power Stations

NITA II on-Line analyser can be used to monitor the feed to the power station to enable effective boiler optimization and thus minimizing plant outages and also ensuring maximum efficiency derived from coal quality.
NITA II on-line analyser can be used to monitor coal quality from the “mine mouth” to the power station. Nita can be used to monitor a power station being supplied by a single colliery or from multiple sources. Plant managers can now be pro-active in adjusting the plant to suit the kind of coal being fed to the boilers.


Ore grade finger printing is an important aspect of the mineral processing industry. The development of the NITA II elemental analyser was prompted by the demand from the industry to have direct analyses of a larger range of elements, and to identify different ore grades for different beneficiation options.

Real time information of the material processed has proved invaluable. ScanMin Africa (Pty) Ltd has concluded a number of projects, and has demonstrated the accuracy and efficiency of the NITA II elemental analyser. The use of NITA II on-line elemental analyser has proven to save costs, time and improve process control and optimisation.

Nita II On-Line Analyser will provide real time information, with updates periodically after two to five minutes as well as cumulative averages / tons weighted averages for the current hour, shift or day. The determination of reporting frequency is client dependent.

Nita II can interface to most industrial communication protocols.

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