On-line analysers provide customers from a broad spectrum of industries with continuous real time measurements that enable process optimisation, leading to increased productivity and improved quality. ScanMin Africa(SMA), supplies different on-line analysers including elemental analysis, particle size, moisture measurement and oversize detection systems. SMA is currently building NITA II on-line Elemental Analyser in South Africa. The development of NITA II elemental Analyser was prompted by the demand from the industry to have direct analyses of larger range of elements and reduce the exorbitant lifetime running cost clients have experienced from the PGNAA analysers.

Ultra-Moist Moisture Monitor

Ultra-Moist is an on-belt moisture analyser developed by Ultra Dynamics. The system has been applied in various industries e.g coal, copper, platinum, tile manufacture, cement, phosphate fertiliser production, waste paper recycling and pelletizing plants. The system provides real time moisture measurement of material either on feed (ROM) or product belt.

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Oversize Detection Systems

ODS provides real time automated analysis of material size on the conveyor belt, with interface capability to almost any device or system. The prime objective of the system is for early detection of any large particles on the conveyer to the plant which may cause blockages, or detection of crusher/ screen wear or failure.

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Online Particle Size Analyser (OPUS)

Particle size control is vital for effective performance in many aspects of mining and mineral processing and fast feedback of particle size would be the ideal for control and optimisation of many processes. The OPUS ultrasonic extinction system monitors the particle size distribution as well as the solid concentration in opaque and highly concentrated oreand mineral slurries on-line in real time e.g. behind mills or cyclones applying 31ultrasonic frequencies for high resolution.

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Isotype & Logistics Services

ScanMin Africa is authorised to import, convey and hold isotopes by the Department of Health, this enables us to be able to successful service old and new clients is securing radioactive sources, assist in application, disposal, transportation, loading of the source, wipe tests etc.

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TEXAS- XRF- Slurries

In mining and preparation plants the quality of mining products like ore and coal is of high interest. Online monitoring of the quality is a must for cost efficient production. The XRF analyser TEXAS 400 adapts the well known X ray fluorescence analysis used in chemical labs.

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SPARTA Particle Size Analyser

The PSA (Particle Size Analyser) features a camera with onboard ultra-fast processing power to analyse the product on the conveyor at a suitable point in the process. Illumination of the material enables the camera to capture crisp images of the product to suit all conveyor belt requirements.

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FLORIDA XRF – Slurries

FLORIDA is an online X-ray fluorescence device for elemental analysis of slurries or suspensions without sampling. It can be mounted directly of pipes and analyzes continuously the elemental composition (Z>12) of the fluid.  In most cases the measurement can be performed through PE or PP pipes. However different window solutions are available if the measurement has to be performed on steel pipes.

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