Oversize Detection System

Oversize material can be a menace to plant operators. Particles which are too big for the secondary process often cause the plant to stop unnecessarily due to blockages and that results in downtime and affecting hours of production. The Over Size Detection solution provides real time automated analysis of material size on the conveyor belt, with interface capability to most industrial communications protocols

The system provides:

  • Early warning of equipment failure 
    • Screens or Crushers
  • Prevents blockage 
    • Cyclones or shoots
    • Screens or crushers
  • Monitor Process Equipment 
    • Crushers & Screens
  • Contractual Compliance


ODS provides real time Rapid analysis of oversize on the conveyor belt, with instant alarming. The prime objective of the system is for early detection of any large particles on the conveyer to the plant which may cause blockages, or detection of crusher/ screen wear or failure.

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