Online Particle Size Analyser (OPUS)

Scanmin Africa specializes in online particle size analysis within the mining industry.

The particle size analysis distribution of ground minerals is of decisive importance for downstream processes like flotation, separation, drying or others. In order to optimize the process efficiency on one hand and the final product quality on the other hand, an early control of the grinding or classification stage is essential. The ultrasound based particle size analyser OPUS is capable of performing on-line particle size analysis distribution (PSD) and solid content measurement of mineral slurries such as iron ore, copper ore, fluorspar, or quartz sand and alumina directly in heavy and rough process environment. The instrument provides a PSD of 31 size classes and can be applied for particles from nanometre range up to several millimetres.

Arbitrary interpolations in between the 31 measured points are available. Typical residue values show an excellent agreement to offline particle size analysis methods such as e.g. sieve analyses or laser diffraction. OPUS is designed as rugged in-line probe made from stainless steel. The applied technique is independent of product flow dynamics, contamination, optical properties, vibrations, pressures or changes in solid concentrations. The instrument provides all data on the system’s PC or on the process control system by a variety of interfaces.

Realisation of the Measuring principle for in-line applications

The instrument is designed as a finger probe and can be adapted to nearly all kinds of process pipes or vessels using a DN 100 flange. OPUS is prepared for fully automated real-time particle size analysis in process environments (Temperature 0 – 120°C, Pressure 0 – 40 bar, pH-value 1 – 14). As an option OPUS is available in an explosion proof version as well (Zone 1 ambient, Zone 0 in the measuring zone). Since OPUS is available in different length from 330 to 3500mm (measured from flange to tip) the instrument can be applied to a variety of processes.

For smaller pipe diameters adapters covering process pipes down to Dn10 are available. Using an automatic cleaning system the probe can be moved out of the process pipe or vessel for cleaning, inspection or maintenance without the need to shut down the process. OPUS has been applied successfully to different kind of industrial processes.

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