Isotope & Logistics Services

 Scanmin Africa a Johannesburg based company, specializes in Isotope and logistic services within the mining industry.

ScanMin Africa is now able to offer its Southern African clients a comprehensive isotope and logistics services. SMA has gone the extra mile to ensure that its existing and new clients are fully serviced from an Isotope management perspective. ScanMin Africa is authorised to import, convey and hold isotopes by the Department of Health, this enables us to be able to successfully service existing and new clients in securing radioactive sources, as well as assist in application, logistics services, disposal, transportation, and loading of the source, wipe tests etc

This extra services includes:

  • Supply of the Radioactive Sources (Cf252 ,Am241Be, etc…), 
  • Placing an order on behalf of the client
  • Application for the importing of the source
  • Application for the transportation of the source
  • Clearance & transportation
  • Clearing agent in place to clear the source on behalf of SMA at Customs
  • Delivery of the source by Agent to SMA
  • Payment of VAT.
  • Issue a letter of credit if required by the supplier
  • Delivery to site 
  • Loading the source on to the analyser  required
  • Conducting mandatory wipe tests (to ensure there is no leakage)
  • Conducting mandatory radiation survey 
  • Return of the source drum
  • Including any other services required by the client

For more information on our isotope and logistics services, contact us today!

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