Customer Service

 ScanMin Africa is the leading manufacturer of online analysers in SA.Our real time measurement software enables your company to ensure clients of prompt and punctual supplies.

Not only does ScanMin Africa (Pty) Ltd specialize in exceptional real time measurement software, this software has the ability to record production time, ensuring that your company reaches its set goals on time.  As we all know the famous saying: “Time waits for no man,” therefore use your company time wisely and get our real time measurement software, ensuring real time management.

On-line analysers provide customers from a broad spectrum of industries with continuous real time measurements that enable process optimisation, leading to increased productivity and improved quality. Servicing of our installed base plays a huge role in the satisfaction of our customers. ScanMin Africa has been in the business of on-line analysis since 2000 and boasts a team of field engineers and a local calibration scientist, whose prime function is to support our installed analysers to ensure optimum support for our clients in their process improvement initiatives, focussing on on-line analysis and control.

ScanMin Africa know the effects of downtime and the importance of real time information. For this reason, ScanMin Africa has dedicated individuals to service and support all installed analysers in the industry.

Service offered by ScanMin Africa includes but is not limited to:

  • Pre-installation Inspection
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Training for on-site technical staff
  • Remote support, routine inspection and reporting
  • Calibration and calibration maintenance 
  • Static and dynamic calibration
  • Calibration verification exercise 
  • Sample collection supervision
  • Standby and call out.
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