SPARTA Particle Size Analyser

The particle Size Analyser (PSA) solution provides real time automated analysis of particle size distribution on the conveyor belt, with interface capability to almost any devise or system.


The PSA (Particle Size Analyser) features a camera with onboard ultra-fast processing power to analyse the product on the conveyor at a suitable point in the process. Illumination of the material enables the camera to capture crisp images of the product to suit all conveyor belt requirements. The cameras image grabbing technology and inherent built in intelligence performs accelerated inspections such as presence, absence, defect detection, shape analysis, particle size and many more real time functions.


The prime objective is to increase the processing efficiency in the comminution circuit. Particle size has a critical impact on various aspects of the process and on the process efficiency and, therefore, its measurement is of key importance. By being able to monitor the particle size on-line this will allow valuable minerals to be extracted in subsequent downstream processes.

On-line Analysis Benefits

  • Liberation of minerals downstream
  • Energy efficiency
  • Control excessive reagent use
  • Filtration and thickening capacity
  • Tailings disposal
  • Useful information for automated control
  • Realtime process behaviour


The Way Forward

ScanMin Africa’s SPARTA Analyser is industrially robust, reliable and able to be integrated with existing control systems. The SPARTA Analyser is an integral part of any process plants efficiency by helping them meet their stringent requirements placed on them.

System Features and Benefits

  • Rapid “on-line” results
  • Industry standard outputs
  • Interfacing capabilities to plant control systems and devices
  • Fully automated analysis and operation
  • Link to Control Tower Processing Unit
  • Remote control capabilities
  • IP66 Standard
  • Designed to work 24/7 – 365
  • Minimum maintenance required
  • No costly wear components
  • Mild steel or stainless steel rugged construction
  • Customised software
  • Storage of Data for statistical information
  • Up to 99 Bins with average PS per bin
  • With each bin as a % of total product analysed



Power Requirements   220 – 230V
24V, DC, 5W supply, regulated and isolated
Operating Temperatures   -20°C to +80°C, -4°F to +176°F at 20% to 80% Humidity
External Port   RJ-45 for 100/1000 Mbps Ethernet 6PIN receptacle for access to the cameras on IO lines

Mild steel or stainless steel enclosure with air curtain
Mild steel or stainless steel with electrical control cabinet
Digital/Analog converter
HP10 Lighting with Metal Halide lamps
PC, Screen, Keyboard and Mouse – entry level
Software: Customised Scan Track, Intellect and OS CE Certified

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